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Dr Mario 64 - Nintendo 64 (Renewed)

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It's a new outbreak of Dr. Mario madness!

Dr. Mario's back, packing a prescription for fun-and now the frenzied action of the original gets even more frantic with all-new multiplayer modes! Up to four players can go head-to-head, or they can pair up to pile on capsules in Team Battle. Other options let 'em race against time in Score Attack, target flashing viruses in Flash Mode, or test endurance in Marathon play. There's even a new story mode that pits Mario against pilferers trying to profit from his Megavitamins. It's a puzzling epidemic, and Dr. Mario's got the cure!

  • Infectious 4-player fun! The action is fast and furious as up to four players stack up capsules and stamp out viruses to create combos in a garbage-dropping free-for-all!
  • Strategic Team Battles! Pair up and plan strategies that will target your toughest opponents with stacks and stacks of capsules.
  • Custom track editor! Create your own MX courses, complete with banked turns, drop-offs and whoops.
  • Loads o' modes! Six modes serve up all sorts of option that build endurance, teach strategies, and let you hone your capsule-clearing skills.