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Free 2-Day Shipping in the Southeast USA
Free 2-Day Shipping in the Southeast USA
How to package a Nintendo Wii!

How to package a Nintendo Wii!

Breakage during shipping is a huge issue for anyone shopping online! Returns are a hassle, and everyone likes to avoid them. But UPS, FedEx and the US post office are not known for being gentle! What happens when you order something and it has to travel thousands of miles to get you you? If the items is not packaged properly, it can easily get broken.

That is why we have invested in really safe packaging. And it has been super successful. We saw a massive decrease in packages broken in the mail already.

Today we are going to share with you how you can safely package a Wii so it won't get damaged in the mail. All you need is a hundred thousand dollars or so in manufacturing equipment and you'll be on your way!  Check out the video below:

 Thanks for watching!

- Voomwa

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